Top 5 Reasons To Choose DesignOptions


With some of the best developers in the country making up the DesignOptions team, you can trust us to deliver your needs! The craving in the team to create the best possible design and codes, backed by supreme technology, is only too well known. Specialized in virtually all aspects of design and development, each individual is an asset to our aspiration to be the best.

Keeping abreast of the latest technology is passé- we now keep ahead of the latest technology! This collective trait at DesignOptions helps us keep our nose always a length ahead and gunning for more! When you entrust your website design to our one-of-a-kind team, you may relax, knowing you are getting nothing but the best!



We’re going to brand you so well, you’ll pat yourself on the back! Branding works wonders and we’ll help you achieve this over a relatively short period of time. We create your brand and then attract an audience that will want to connect with you.

It is our endeavor to identify the customer inclinations and strategize accordingly. What you achieve is a loyal following translating into long term gains. With brand awareness comes more publicity through the undying medium- word of mouth! This will only draw more visitors to your site and thus, more business.



In online marketing, SEO coding is of paramount importance. Search Engine Optimization code, written correctly, ensures double quick search results, in turn, making the search engines like you. This means better ranking for your site. Better visibility. Better reach. Better business!

It is challenging, but achievable. Our team puts in all the hard work and long hours to make scores of websites worth the effort that goes into them. It is a chain of continuous activity that eventually propels a website to the top of the charts. But then, leave the dirty work to us- you just count your greenbacks!



The markup language of today, that makes websites stand out on any device, big or small, is HTML5! We design your sites in HTML5, so you need not toss over in bed, worrying about results. The cutting edge multimedia tools get additional support because of HTML5 and makes your pages sleek and worthy. The beauty of HTML5 is that people can read it easily while at the same time computers and other devices understand the language better. In turn, it helps search engines analyze your pages faster and better. HTML5 is poised to take the internet to levels we couldn’t imagine possible. It will also help install updates automatically, to keep things under control and current!


Testing is very crucial to the proper functionality of a website. We perform crucial testing and make sure your site meets all technical parameters as should be, before launch. The test phase is one during which our team spends additional time to fix every little problem of many there could be. The testing is not done only for the code components, but for accuracy as well as functions across diverse environs and devices. It is an arduous process, nevertheless our team ensures total compliance with ethics. Ultimately, your business should find a way to flourish for us to do so too!

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