Get onto the Digital Bandwagon with a Mobile First Responsive Design

By Sharmila Shankar

The whole world has transformed from being click happy to swipe happy, ever since the advent of smartphones! On the other hand, marketers have just switched to applications that need to be downloaded by everyone who wishes to purchase something from them. The apps created for you can occupy space in customer smartphones, but not necessarily in their hearts. In such a case, only a website with a mobile first responsive design can actually do the needful for you without any hassles.

swipe happy!

Swipe happy!

More time for life

Smartphones can take up most of the time of an individual, since downloading apps can be time consuming and at times frustrating. Once the apps are downloaded, they may have bugs that you may need to fix, so you don’t have to reinstall them. Though applications were created to replace smartphone friendly websites that aren’t up to the mark, even they have their limitations. Instead, you should consider using something that is an improved version of the digital platform.

Sometime back, websites that were smartphone friendly were not always computer friendly and that became a deal breaker for many. Today’s smartphones too, have graduated from what they were a few years ago, which means you too would need to upgrade your website. You can make the most out of your website with a mobile first responsive design. This will allow your on-the-move customers to access your website easily on their devices. That way, everyone has more time for life.


Screen fatigue, no more

Once you have your website designed in the latest format, your customers might be able to experience something better than a regular desktop experience. Now, no one needs to scroll down webpages forever, just to get to the content they actually want to see. People can now check their order statuses simply by swiping the smartphone screen while on the move.

The more you optimize your web page, the better for your customers, as they would not experience screen fatigue. Nonetheless, do not overcrowd your website simply because such a webpage build is heavily based on content. It can defeat the very purpose of the build of your website since it would slow down the loading process. The more concise you keep the content on your e-commerce portal; the better it would be for your enterprise. Often, people perceive shoehorning websites forcibly into smartphones as frustrating, because of the navigation and other related problems. However, once a mobile first responsive design is used, things would change for the better.



Convenience at its best

When the experiences of your customers on your website are excellent, they would keep returning to your site. Which would obviously result in more business for you. In fact, everything on your webpage becomes more easily manageable for everyone. So, your customers would get maximum information in a capsule that would not even make them feel like it is way too much for them. Adding a few innovations to your e-commerce portal can make it convenient for your clients to enjoy shopping, with ease. Even you can stake claim that you have a web portal that is truly user friendly and time saving.

Although the designs of websites are pretty much the same as they were before, customer satisfaction levels would be much higher. Thanks entirely to the ease of use of your e-commerce portal! With the internet having become portable, you would also need to change your digital platform accordingly. Simply so that you can change the way you conduct business. Moreover, such designs reduce the costs of creating applications for your clientele, making their shopping experience seamless.

With the mobile first responsive design you are geared up for the immediate future that many people are eagerly awaiting. As time goes by, there will be newer technological innovations that may be extremely compact and yet advanced. That however is what we can all be prepared for. Meanwhile, it certainly would pay to upgrade your site now, and reap the benefits of the customer friendly design. After all, with today’s on-the-move youth making up the bulk of online customers, you don’t want to lose out to the competition!


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